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Coaching is a series of one-on-one conversations between client and coach, generally aimed at building greater competency and confidence around change and transitions, whether that is around career, retirement, succession, caregiving, health, legacy, leadership, communication, or conflict.

As a coach, I aim to be:

Holistic, Relational, and Dynamic

We’re better at dealing with change and conflict when we recognize their impact on our minds as well as our bodies (or even more when we jettison the view of the mind and the body as separate entities), their impact on ourselves as individuals and ourselves as part of larger communities, and their ever-evolving nature.

Inspiring, Hopeful, and Fun

Even when things get really challenging, or perhaps especially then, it’s helpful to try out a new idea, a new practice (or an old practice that you haven’t done for a while), and to do so in a safe and confidential setting. I help people try on different perspectives – not by telling you what you should do, but by listening to you on many levels, and by asking questions to help you move forward despite challenges and dilemmas. Inviting playfulness into our lives can open up new opportunities for positive change.

Practical, Supportive, and Customized

Rather than impose a particular agenda or format, we collaboratively figure out the best way coaching can help you. Rather than just talking about an issue, I may ask you to practice something with me, or present something to me. I may invite you to take chances, or imagine what it would be like to do something differently. At all times, I listen to what you hope to change, and I follow up with focused support when you need it.

Contact me for more information. I look forward to hearing from you!